Ultimate Gaming in breakthrough partnership with Trump Taj Mahal

In the past few months, there has been renewed momentum in the US at the federal level in the legalization of online gambling. Nevada has taken a pioneering role and since April 30 this year allowed real-money virtual poker again. Many had expected this move, because in this state is also Las Vegas, which is internationally known as a symbol for casinos and gambling. No wonder then that the first step towards legal online gambling was made here.

So far, however, only one company has managed to enter this lucrative business. Ultimate Gaming, a Las Vegas-based company, has been holding a license since April that allows it to offer money to Nevada poker players. Most recently, the company confirmed that the 6 millionth online poker hand was handed out to state-owned gamblers.

Last afternoon, Ultimate Gaming announced another milestone in the company’s history: The company partnered with Trump Taj Mahal Casino of Atlantic City to offer online casino games and poker to New Jersey players. Although other partnerships have been announced, Ultimate Gaming is entering the race with a technical edge.

Ultimate Gaming, in partnership with Locaid Technologies, has implemented a GSM localization technique to operate the Ultimate Poker website in Nevada, which can be used to determine the whereabouts of players with utmost accuracy. The same technique is also used for locating emergency calls (which is automatic in the US).

This allows the company to ensure that players are actually in Nevada, as the offer can only be used by registered players who are also in the state. The future partner from Atlantic City was accordingly enthusiastic. “Ultimate Gaming is a pioneer in the online gambling industry, providing us with a turnkey solution to our online gambling needs in New Jersey,” said Robert F. Griffin, managing director of Trump Entertainment Resort.

Also in New Jersey will only be allowed to play players who are within the state and once logged in Atlantic City in the casino and expelled. Although online gambling is currently legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, it is currently only offered in Nevada. In New Jersey the first online offers should be released at the end of November. Despite the experience gained in Nevada, Ultimate Gaming will have to prove itself in a highly competitive market.

Other casino consortiums have also announced partnerships, including some with Europe-based heavyweights in the industry. The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa will cooperate with Bwin.party, a provider based in Gibraltar. Caesars Entertainment, the geographically most diversified casino company in the world, claims to be working with 888 Holdings, also based in Gibraltar. Bwin.party and 888 Holdings each operate some of the most successful online gambling websites in Europe. PokerStars, the international online poker giant based in the Isle of Man, failed in its first attempt to break into the US market by buying The Atlantic Club Casino. Industry experts, however, assume that further experiments will follow shortly.

Analyst Jennifer Webb of Gambling Compliance sees particularly great potential in the cooperation of Caesars and 888, because Caesars not only own many well-known casinos, such as under their own name. As casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but is also in possession of the World Series of Poker, which has many fans worldwide. A large existing customer base that can be excited about the new online project.

While providers are hoping that New Jersey will soon be just one of many states that allow online gambling, the focus of the administration is primarily on the budget, because the hope is that new taxes on online gambling could flush up to $ 200 million extra in the dank coffers of New Jersey.